A playlist as a poem. Enjoy the Spotify playlist with Young Creatures, Shady Groves, Redwood Honey, The No Namers, Honest Haloway, Stereo League & Castle Pines

What can you do as an editor in lockdown with too much time, a bit of a pre-apocalyptic melancholic mood and the honorable task to push and promote the creative ones of the indie music scene? You create a playlist that reads like a poem with all the great music playing right now on our Frequenzy stream playlist. It might be to dramatic and probably to sentimental. But it is what it is: a list of great music that can inspire to crazy things. With the music from Young CreaturesShady GrovesRedwood HoneyThe No NamersHonest HalowayStereo LeagueCastle Pines.

Inspired or irritated by this creative expression?Please let us know (in these times of social distancing is every contact valuable ). Or make your own playlist poem with the music from our ongoing stream playlist at Frequenzy.nl & YouTube

The future is finally

Change of Time

Really Hurts

What i leave behind


Cigarettes cloud

Gone like a dream

Your ghost

There have been many minds

On the run



Hail Mary

Show me Love




Eating icecream on a rainy day

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