New tunes on our stream playlist!!!!

Ready for some new tunes? We’ve updated our stream playlist with a new set of tracks from bands all over the world. Frequenzy is broadcasting a mix of indie, rock and shoegaze music provided and handpicked by artists worldwide. Our playlist is an ongoing collection of the freshest songs for you to enjoy. The stream playlist contains over 40 hours of tunes by new, up-and-coming bands.

Heard a song you liked? Request it again!

A big thanks to Seabreeze DinerGYOZAAndes FellasMojo Bozo’s Electric CircusMr. BreakfastPuzzles y DragonesThe Coffin FitsThe YetisTom FowkesVLIVMOlympic BlackThe Genuine FakesThe booyah kidsvverevvolfMERKNeimoMFutura FreeRoom De Dark,OklahomaLucas Keyביטניק – BeatNikMarly Records1Q84 TAPES,SATURDAY RECORDSPavilioon RecordsDiscos de KirlianMIKE BORGIAhighcoastNational PerksMirror TrashOs Ex-Fumantes and many more!

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