The energy of the club, combined with solid drums, synths and snappy guitars; Silent War EP “Echo” release party tonight!

Silent war means contrast. Day and night, light and dark. “It describes the inner struggle everyone will experience at some time”, says drummer Paul Much. Silent War is a five-man formation from Amsterdam. The indie-rockband is formed in 2013 and has gone through a true evolution. New songs, a new formation and a completely renewed sound. Besides the massive and bombastic songs the band started working with danceable grooves and electronic influences. This new sound was the main focus for their new EP, which will be released tonight.

“The night inspires us to write new music”, says frontman and singer Josha van der Horst. “In addition, our music sounds better at night. The night has a certain atmosphere that you won’t encounter during the day. Nighttime has something mysterious and ominous, which you can hear in our music as well. Quite often I prefer to write music at night, because my state of mind is completely different compared to daytime. When you feel a bit blurred you will get a lot of creative ideas. Besides that, everything is really quiet so I won’t be distracted and my imagination can do what it’s supposed to do.”

Tonight you can celebrate the release of the new EP with the band at Gebroeders De Nobel in Leiden. (more info here)

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