PsySo is an indie band from Tilburg that makes music, characterized by their energetic performance…

Baer Traa

The music of Baer Traa revolves around tight grooves, soulful songs and a shot of…

Tyranni Flock

Jazz/fusion band Tyranni Flock from Amsterdam perform ‘In Control’, ‘Dreamcatcher’ and ‘Pocketview’ on Frequenzy sessions.…


Vocalist and guitarist Jordy Sanger laughs while thinking of the title I Wanna Eat Your…


Folk/americana band Juneville started in 2014 with the heartwearming song ‘Take A Ride’ for a…


Luka is the band of Rotterdam (NL) based singer-songwriter Lisa Lukaszczyk. With her colourful voice…

Ten Years Today

Alternative powerpop trio Ten Years Today is a band hailing from Groningen. With a refreshing…


Sharp, sincere and catchy. Amsterdam-based band Jagd makes loud indie, based on heavy but playful basslines, sharp…

Grim Tim

Raw energy fuels the jam-filled live shows. Led by a charismatic frontman with a powerful,…


Milo is an alternative popband hailing from Zwolle. The band combines the artisanal songwriting of James Taylor with the polyphonic voices of Crosby, Stills & Nash, and write riffs that makes you think of Crowded House.

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