We are Frequenzy. Gathered by our passion for music and the urge to share this with fellow music lovers. Pure and holistic.
We believe in- and want to share the trinity of music, inspiration and you, the audience.

Music in mainstream media does not get the attention it deserves. One minute of airtime – and the daily talkshow or radio-routine continues again. New and fresh music just gets minimal exposure between the everyday, same-old hits. This is a shame and we believe that a live session is the best way there is to share good music.

The Veluwe and Apeldoorn are the places that Frequenzy sessions are being recorded at. For centuries people have found fertile soil in this area, a true safehaven for natural growth. Our area is truly one where expression and music can flourish, as well.

As Frequenzy, we want to provide an honest and pure image of the artists that visit us and mainly of their live session. Our mission is to offer the stage to authentic music and its creators. A place for music creators to play full-length songs, without any constraint.

People should feel comfortable making music, listening to music, but also during the process of recording; the whole experience. In addition to this, we want to show the bigger picture behind the music. The story behind the band and songs, or an awesome live performance.

The more people know a certain performer, the bigger impact they usually have. A reason for this is that there are more people involved in a certain act than just the musicians. Friends, family and not to forget; sound engineers, roadies and fans play an equally big role! All these people together create the story that is called music. They all create the story that we, Frequenzy want to show you.

We sincerely hope to be providing you with beautiful image and sound recordings for a long, long time.

Enjoy the show! One love,

The Frequenzy crew


Frequenzy.nl is a project created by:
Stichting Frequenzy
Kvk: 66973732
IBAN: NL03 RABO 0313 198063
Contact: info@frequenzy.nl

A big thank you to our partners:

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