About us

With our platform we create an online stage for the talented and creative ones. A stage in our opinion has many forms with one characteristic: it’s an open space to express and inspire. Our stage for creativity arises during the recording of a session, the broadcasting of a radio, live events and producing documentaries.

We show the story behind (new) music, the story behind the band and songs, or an awesome live performance. With a variation of content at all the main social media platforms we strive to connect upcoming talents with a broad audience.

The more people know a certain performer, the bigger impact they usually have. A reason for this is that there are more people involved in a certain act than just the musicians. Friends, family and not to forget; sound engineers, roadies and fans play an equally big role! All these people together create the story that is called music. They all create the story that we, Frequenzy want to show you and make you part of.

What can we do for you?

For general questions, comments or information please e-mail us at info@frequenzy.nl or fill out the contact form.

General inquiries: info@frequenzy.nl

Radio submissions: playlist@frequenzy.nl

PR & editorial: marieke@frequenzy.nl

Production: soner@frequenzy.nl

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Frequenzy is a project created by:
Stichting Frequenzy
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