Near the end of september 2016, ANNIKA (Annika Boxhoorn) and her band came to visit the Frequenzy stage at the Gigant Apeldoorn. Annika is an energetic artist that has made major steps already in pursuing her music-career. We provide you a quick overview, to show you how versatile this lady is as an artist and musician:
Annika has studied at the conservatory of Rotterdam. She consequently worked with rappers like Rhymzter and Ali B, has toured through Europe with occult-rockers The Devil’s Blood , to whom she lend her voice, and did a solo-tour through the United States. After this solo-tour, Annika made a drastic decision; it was time to set up her own band and with her own songs. The result of this, is the EP ‘The Art of Letting Go’.

The song on The Art of Letting Go, are about the letting go of feelings or persons. However, the meaning of the songs are best to be perceived by the listener. Annika’s music is best to be experienced live. Check out Annika’s upcoming tourdates here.

The band of Annika during this session consisted of Annika (Boxhoorn) herself on vocals and guitar, Maarten Willemsen (guitar), Dorien Klooster (bass) and Niels Klooster (drums). The sound of the band is gloomy rock and is hard, but sometimes also like a fairytale. The sludgy and heavy drum and Rickenbacker-bass undertones make an interesting contrast with lighter- and sometimes also heavy- Fender guitar sounds. This setting works out great together and the music will easily captivate you live.

From 19/10/2016 and onwards you can see our videos of Annika’s live performance on the Frequenzy stage.
Stay tuned!