Starting in the summer of 2014, this rockabilly duo from Amersfoort, began as street-performers in their hometown. By 2015 they were one of the most successful acts of their city and in 2016 one of the best booked bands of Popronde, a massive Dutch nationwide city-tour.


Within their first year of existence, The Badger and The Bass had already played over a 100 shows, ranging from Rock ‘n Roll Street Festival to Into The Woods and even Defqon! The duo has gigged as support act for the Hillbilly Moon Explosion and The Spuny Boys and in 2016 they have entered France territory to play four shows with no one less than Robbing Banks.

                     (Popronde Apeldoorn 2016)

Ruben Serhalawan (vocals and guitar) and Sonne Scheermakers (double bass, vocals) played rockabilly with their own spin and a touch of a psychedelic and surf. In their live sessions they have showed to be very into what they are doing and to be anticipated to each other. Thankfully, many people have been able to enjoy the band’s numerous live shows and their EP ‘Go Badger Go’ and album ‘Watch out’,  were both recorded in their own Sonik Son Studio.

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Sometimes, however, things don’t go as planned. After having played more than 200 shows together, the duo has announced not to continue and to part ways as bandmembers. The Frequenzy Session of the band will be the last The Badger and The Bass session to be recorded…

Frequenzy wants to thank The Badger and The Bass for their amazing music and performances, and we hope to see both guys on a stage again not too long from now.
We proudly present you their final session through this link

Have a look at their own website and and their YouTube channel as well to see and hear all their material.