Filet au Fonque (FaF) was brought together by their ex-drummer Sharon Zarr and consist of a group befriended musicians of the conservatories of Rotterdam and Tilburg. Sharon is now playing in Rondé and has been replaced by Eliando (Hatumena), but the band is still alive and kicking.

Filet au Fonque is a fusion/groove band; bandmembers have varying backgrounds gospel/soul, modern jazz, older fusion, to pop, indo-soul. To give the reader an idea; if the band’s sound had to be compared to some specific bands, names that could come to mind are Brecker Brothers, New Cool Collective, The Yellow Jackets, Snarky Puppy, Return to Forever (70’s). However, comparing FaF to another band, does not do justice to the band.


Despite the members playing the songs away as if they’re child’s play, the band works hard to create their own sound. If one would visit FaF’s shows over the course of let’s say a half year, the songs will sound differently. There is a continuous process of reflection on- and renovating their own sound. This is the power of ‘real’ jazz music. Even though guided by a structure, there is a certain freedom to be found in it, with here and there some space for improvisation. When the sextet does not like the way a song sounds anymore, or think it could be better, they will rebuild the song.

This renovation of sound and the improvisations, are only possible because of the musicians skill level as individuals. The style of music as played by FaF is rather uncommon to be listened to by the big mass, because of the absence of a vocalist. Even for these people, FaF will do the trick. They incorporate- but are not limited by high level techniques, feeling keeps playing an obvious overtone. They swing and groove, but remain unpredictable and interesting. The musicians are enjoying what they do and they are “in” the notes.

Filet au Fonque during the Frequenzy Session consisted of Bart van der List (trumpet), Paul Van de Calseijde (saxophone), Joshua Bredow (guitar),  Bryan Manuel (bass), Teun Dillisse (keys), and Eliando Hatumena (drums).

We proudly present you the Frequenzy Session from 21/12 and onwards!