The Stangs & The Dune Beat

For more than a century by now, the Dune area around Den Haag (The Hague) in the west of the Netherlands has been home to many great acts. Many bands from this area have gained worldwide following. Think of names like Q65, The Motions and Shocking Blue. The Hague is THE Dutch city for beat music.

The Stangs play beat in their own style, which they baptised ‘Dune Beat’. The band consists of Justin van der Weijde-Estacio (lead vocals/bass), Pieter van der Velden (guitar), Michiel Mutsaerts (keys) and Lasse Voerman (drums). The sound of the band is melodic, with a strong throwback-vibe present à la Tee Animals and The Small Faces. Watching The Stangs perform and recording live music, made us feel like we were being warped back to a show on the Dutch west-coast in the 60’s. Which according to us, is absolutely awesome.frequenzy_thestangs_live_stage

The Stangs will release a new EP in January 2017. The record will come out on Mink Records, an interesting independent all-round music label based in The Hague, Glasgow and Amsterdam.

From 2/11/2016 and onwards you will be able to see our videos of The Stangs’ live performance on the Frequenzy stage.

Stay tuned!

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