About the dreamy surreal vibe of the music of Brandon Hoogenboom

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Brandon Hoogenboom is an American singer/songwriter, who called Australia home for a large part of his musical career. It was in Australia where he met future bandmates and co-writers Josiah Willows, Joshua May and Daniel May – the quartet shortly became known as Set Sail. During Hoogenboom’s time with Set Sail, they developed a strong following and a great reputation from their world busking tour – which saw the band travel across 48 different countries across Asia, Europe and North America, all of which was documented via a web series on YouTube. The extensive Set Sail catalogue preaches themes of youthfulness and a carefree spirit, and musically, stays true to their unique brand of indie-pop summer jams. In the same spirit Hoogenboom released a solo album “For Mabel” in January 2019.

Nothingmag.tv about “For Mabel”: “What I specifically enjoyed about For Mabel was the whimsical and almost dreamlike vibe. A surreal feeling will come upon you as you listen to song after song in this album.” full article here

More music at our stream playlist and here


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