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With a strawberry twist: Closure In Moscow

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Closure In Moscow delivers you noisy progressive pop rock with a strawberry twist. The album “Pink Lemonade” was a musical milestone and has been re-released last week.

Michael Barrett (guitarist) about “Pink Lemonade”:

“Do you remember the album that told the story of life? The story of a fool’s journey? A story of our desire for happiness? The story of love lost, of Satan’s cloud, of surfing cyborgs and the dinosaurs that defended us, of yawning Brahmatrons, flying robot-tiger-wizard-sharks, trickster TechnoChrists, dying in the desert and then at the end of it all, coming to the realization you need not have made the journey anyway and the happiness you seek has been inside you all along?! You do remember?!

Wonderful! Pink Lemonade will be getting re-released on CD and vinyl. This is your opportunity to gain the happiness you seek by owning a copy of this seminal piece by hot teen outfit Closure in Moscow.”

Order “Pink Lemonade” here

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