Muriel Grossmann

Music with dedication: “Union”

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Austrian alto, soprano, tenor saxophonist, singer and composer Muriel Grossmann was born in Paris and grew up in Vienna, where she initiated classical studies of flute at the age of five until twenty-one, when she switched to alto and soprano saxophone for further studies.

She has played & recorded with Jazz greats, such as Joachim Kühn, Christian Lillinger, Robert Landfermann, and Wolfgang Reisinger. Her newest album “Union” will be released this fall.

Musician Dmitri Kalinin about Grossmann and “Union:” “Muriel Grossmann’s music had an immediate impact on me from the moment I first heard it. It was music with dedication, speaking from the heart. I felt it speaks of past and present, with joy and happiness. Ten seconds into listening and I was hooked.”

“In the context of this record and the previous ones, we can clearly talk about Muriel Grossmann’s music as a style of music that is distinctive and recognizable from the very first note.”

“Union” will be released November the 2nd. Pre-order here

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