Guitar legend on stage: Jan Akkerman at Gigant

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This weekend  a true legend will celebrate his birthday at Gigant Apeldoorn with good music, family, friends & fans.

Dutch guitar player Jan Akkerman (1946) did almost anything a musician could possibly do. During half a century he worked with many different musicians like BB King, Charlie Byrd, Cozy Powell, Claus Ogerman and IceT, besides being a member of international leading bands such as Brainbox and Focus.

Also, he made more than a dozen solo records that shows his versatile playing without any boundaries or limitations. Whether it’s ‘Tabernakel’ (1973), the famous guitar-in-bed album ‘Jan Akkerman’ (1977) or his most recent studio outings ‘CU’ (2003) and ‘Minor Details’ (2011), he explores and combines elements of rock, jazz, blues, classical and dance.Throughout his career, Akkerman appeared on worldwide stages. Besides gigs at the Montreux Jazz Festival, the North Sea Jazz Festival and countless tours around theatres and variousstages, the guitarist also performed far beyond Europe in countries like Japan, Russia, Syria, North & South America and Indonesia (more information).

The show in the Gigant Apeldoorn is part of a national tour to celebrate Akkermans’ 70th birthday. Benjamin Herman, Bert Heerink, Ruben Hoeke and his daughter Laurie Akkerman will support him during this special performance.

More information about the show at Gigant here

More information about the tour here

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