by Mark Diamond

Seattle-based singer and songwriter Mark Diamond self releases his new single “Colorado” from his forthcoming EP “Dusty Flares”.

Colorado” touches on themes retreating and moving on from a feeling.  The lead single from a new project “Dusty Flares”“Colorado” is a slight departure from the pop singer-songwriter styled songs of Diamond’s earlier work and brings out a country roots vibe that’s always been hiding in his music. Mark once again teamed up with producer/songwriter Budo to write and record this track in their Seattle bubble during lockdown.  The song was mixed by fellow Seattleite Rachel Field at Resonant Studios.

On the song Mark notes: “We all have different breaking points. I’ve always felt as though I didn’t have one, like somehow I was immune to being worn down. In hindsight, I’ve reached that point many times and my way of dealing with it has always been writing music. I moved last year in hopes to cut off the bleeding of money and friends and to get my head back on straight. There was a 24 hour period during this time where I thought moving to Colorado might be the answer to all my questions and it turns out it was just a fleeting moment that happened to leave me with this song.”



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