Deep Fried Grandeur

by Ryley Walker, Kikagaku Moyo

Some music can take you away when you have nowhere else to go. And “Deep Fried Grandeur,” created by Ryley Walker and psych rock band Kikagaku Moyo, is one of those gateways that creates the way out from your trapped mind in lockdown. The EP that carries you along in its endless flow,  is recorded during a live improvisation set back in 2018 and released from Ryley’s label Husky Pants Records.

Ryley Walker about the creation of “Deep Fried Grandeur:” “So, the group game together at “Le Guess Who?” festival in Utrecht. I was asked by the organizers to find another group on the festival to collaborate with for a one off performance. I was immediately drawn to Kikagaku Moyo. We share similar guitar scuzz and riff heavy improvising when playing live. Seemed like the most fun and natural thing to do. I was in the middle of an European tour, so had my full backing band. So with KM and me, 9 mother fuckers total on stage wailing.

It was a lot of sound. So we passed the live recordings off to Cooper Crain of CAVE and Bitchin’ Bajas to tweak the levels and add some sprinkles. He shaped the raw recordings into a cohesive piece that works for a 40 min slab. We had an afternoon of rehearsal and it mostly just drinking espresso, smoking cigs and saying “man, we’ll be fine. And it was great.”

Listen & order “Deep Fried Grandeur” here.



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