by Sense of May

Senseo Of May is an indie folk / pop duo called from Latvia (Baltic States), that loves experimenting with wildly out of era effects, bizarre combinations of reverb and vintage synths, and layering dense harmonies of all kinds of vocals and instruments. The band is most well known for their emotional, cathartic and melancholy songs, and for occasionally writing in drastically contrasting genres.

“Sense Of May” – Eduard Frolov and Tommy Davies – took on the world, releasing their debut self-titled EP in May 2021.

“We’ve been in our home studios a lot, composing, writing, and recording all the time,” says Eduard. The duo has never been so productive, and proud of their work. “The whole process feels so much more rewarding when you’re doing the one thing that you absolutely love,” Eduard says.

Their newest track “Kites” was released in August 2021.



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