Tired Of Your Smile

by Silent Neighbor

The silent neighbor is the man that always seemed so friendly but a bit reserved may be (“Come to think of it: he never came to the annual neighbor barbecue, that’s weird isn’t it?”). Until you see the silent neighbor back at the 8 o’clock news as a serial killer on the run. It’s the one that surprises you because he disturbs your representation of modern suburban society.

The Silent Neighbor in this case is an unusual, weird and slightly creepy singer-songwriter. A mind that keeps slipping on the shiny surface of our brave new plastic world and desperately tries to hold on to the shreds of authentic experience behind the hashtags, memes and emojis. Silent Neighbor is a bumpy ride on the edge of the abyss through the eternal fields of human solitude.

The single Rebecca (out now!) is a preview of the album “Tired of your Smile” which will be released April 24.

The name Silent Neighbor chosen for his songwriting project, is sourced in two different worlds: The name is based on the title of a composition by the avant garde guitarist Ben Monder, and also inspired by Tom Waits’ spoken word song “What’s He Building in There”. The artwork for “Tired Of Your Smile” was contributed by the Zurich based artist and animator Anaïs Voirol. The characters she created, lost somewhere between toddlers and old age, enter into a dialogue with the songs on the album and create new associative spaces where imagery and music influence each other in their perception and meaning.

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