Black Rabbit

Thrash/death metal

Black Rabbit is a thrash/death metal band from Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. Due to a lack of metal bands in Apeldoorn, Jelle and Hidde teamed up and created Black Rabbit. The two guitarists started writing songs inspired by Megadeth, Obituary, Death and many more.
They created their own thrashing death metal sound; fast-paced and groovy at the same time! You could say, it is a toxic concoction of Kreator and Carcass. Black Rabbit released their debut EP ‘Warren of Necrosis’ January 2020, and their new single ‘Taken By The Devil‘ in October 2020.

Band members

Nino Thomas – Vocals
Jelle Brekelmans – Guitar
Hidde Hofland – Guitar
Martin Jaramillo – Bass
Max Hendriks – Drums


1. Taken By The Devil
2. La Bestia
3. A Path Profound


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