Popronde Preview: with Sheila and the Kit

Their music will get you ready for the festival season at any time. That's why they are a perfect preview to get in the mood for Popronde 2018. Synthpop band Sheila And The Kit don’t mind shameless pop music that sounds good and infectious.

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Picked your theme song for the Summer of 2018 yet? We have some recommendations!

The Summer is almost over, but we still have some sunny days left to enjoy. And it's still not too late to pick a theme song for your summer memories. We have some recommendations: Fata Boom - FÄSJØN By far out the most original hiphop act from the Netherlands at this moment comes with a genuine club track. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uyuKYDhdxg ANNA-ROSE - ILYF Electronic underground music with an attitude & a beautiful analog music video https://youtu.be/Oq3hfs9CaPc MY BABY - In The Club “MY BABY is a girl from the seventies dreaming about being a flappergirl from the twenties” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkMetcUloG4 [...]

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Meet Hebe somewhere between vanishing dreams and the soft light of an approaching sunrise

Just before you awake. There is that moment, that place where you are when night and dreams slowly vanishing in the soft light of an early sunrise. That moment, that place, is where you can meet Hebe. Her songs have a glow of dreamy melancholy combined with a natural honesty. So the music of Hebe is something you want to experience in a personal, intimate setting. That's why we want to invite you to meet Hebe and her music at DIY-festival StadsOase August 12.  And if you can't make it to Apeldoorn, you can see the performance at our live [...]

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Popronde Preview: Nieuwegrond, sound of an endless Miami Vice episode

If you need a soundtrack for the "Miami Vice goes to Amsterdam Red Light District" episode; these are your guys. Nieuwegrond makes catchy electronic music that reminds you of the good times with bad haircuts, cocktails and cabrio's. Tour dates Popronde so far: Nijmegen: September 13 - Prikkels Hoorn: Octobre 28  - 't Kroegie Rotterdam: November 03  - FERRY https://www.facebook.com/Nieuwegrond/videos/855219008001116/

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Popronde Preview: For the love of French pop, Cordon Rouge

Oh-la-la! Cordon Rouge is the project of 2 producers with a huge crush on French pop. The duo makes electronic pop songs full of steamy French whispering, brought with a slight of irony. Their first single 'Say It Like You Mean It' is out now.  Will this song make them rich? We don't know. But it makes us happy, that's for sure. Tourdates Popronde so far (more info here): Delft: Sept 20 - Hampshire Eindhoven:  Sept 28  - De Sociale Dienst Middelburg: Nov 8  - 't Hof https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWFPMvjHKyI

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A small preview of the sensuous & electrifying Daimy Lotus session

Take here a little sneak peek at our upcoming session with Daimy Lotus. She is one of the new talented artists: very driven,  full of energy and on fire! Daimy Lotus creates electric urban pop with groovy and catchy tunes. The full Frequenzy session will be released March 1st. So stay tuned for this sensuous & electrifying music session! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkX49OvqQJQ

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