The top 5 most requested of Popronde 2018

Tomorrow starts the biggest traveling showcase festival of The Low Lands once again: Popronde. Dutch music lovers get the chance to discover new music in their own home town. We created the top 3 of most requested acts.

Popronde Preview: The new surfing sensation from Amsterdam, Surf Aid-Kit

Surf Aid-Kit brings you the unique sound of the waving sixties mixed with eastern and African influences. We had the privilege to record a session with the band in 2017. Their session is, thanks to their small ode to the Rick & Morty series, one of the most popular video’s on our channel. Very talented, […]

Popronde Preview: The energetic African R&B from Jaskelis

“ I didn’t speak, I wrote”. At a very young age Jaskelis discovered her passion for writing. Jaskelis stands for Jasmine Kelechi Isabel. She is a singer – songwriter. Born in Spijkenisse and raised in Rotterdam and Kotka (Finland). She has Nigerian Dutch and Finnish roots. At the moment she is a law student at […]

Popronde Preview: These are the Faradays

These are the Faradays. Nostalgic daydreaming with future-like memories. When you think of how the world is just as fantastic as sad. These are the days in which Dutch songwriter Karindra Perrier writes her indie/electronic pop songs.

Popronde Preview: Malvae, experimental electronic music from a sound collector

Malvae is an exploratory musician and producer who samples sounds, he finds from all over the world and then shapes and incorporates into his songs. His music is well-recieved worldwide. “It’s an ear-catching style that is exemplified by the breathtaking and bittersweet “How It Hurts” (Jen Dan, The Record Stache).  “How It Hurts” (feat. Esther […]

Popronde Preview: Hello Universe! This is GIZÅH

And this is what happens when you put musicians from bands like Divine Sins, Mary Fields, Hordearii, Shinigami and Bleeding Gods together in one room and let them do whatever the hell they want: GIZÅH

Popronde Preview: Sherman Oaks, the sound of sad Beach Boys on a rainy day in LA

We like to introduce to you the line-up of Popronde 2018, starting with dark folk band Sherman Oaks. The band from Utrecht recorded their debut EP in LA. Because they wanted to “merge our Dutch moodiness with the Californian mellow sound we know from bands like The Beach Boys and Crosby, Stills & Nash.” Their debut […]