Popronde Preview: (F)emcee Starrlight is here to really make the difference

Is the future female? If it’s about Dutch hiphop scene that can be a positive thing. Enter the galaxy of Starrlight. Experience the sound of an (f)emcee that can create HipHop in her purest form with fresh lyrics, poetic and yet straight to the point. Starrlight has earned her stripes in this industry.

Popronde Preview: Dutch MC talent Shagga Ranx with new single

Finalist at “De Grote Prijs Van Nederland”, selected for Popronde 2018 and this week the premiere of brand new single “Niet Relevant”; 2018 is a big break through year for Dutch MC talent Shagga Ranx. Listen to the new single at Spotify here More info about Shagga Ranx on Popronde here