Their music deserves a massive stadium or an enthusiastic festival audience. Because that’s the natural habitat of the rock sound this band brings to the stage. They are an example of the new generation great Dutch rock bands. CYNBEL came, saw and rocked the Frequenzy Stage.

University city Nijmegen is the hometown of this indie-rockband.  Timon Hoitink is lead singer of the band and – interesting combination – drummer. With Wolter Jetten on bassguitar, Ricardo Te Kolste on guitar and both on backing vocals, CYNBEL creates music that is ready to hit the charts.

Maybe you’ve met CYNBEL on Dutch festivals like Huntenpop or Paaspop Zieuwent. This fall the band will be touring through the Netherlands, as part of the line-up of Popronde. This is a free (!!!) festival that  travels from town to town and counts 40 cities. Popronde is a great opportunity for bands like CYNBEL to show their talents to a diverse audience. And it’s also the perfect way for music fans to discover new music.

In May 2016 CYNBEL released their first single “Vagabonds”. The song has an energetic vibe. It’s about wandering around and wondering about the things you find when you are on the way. Just the day before recording the Frequenzy sessions, CYNBEL was in the studio recording the last songs for their first EP, which be released in 2017. For this EP they have worked with producer Huub Reijnders, who has also worked with U2 and Kaiser Chiefs.

When CYNBEL arrived at the Gigant, where we film our sessions, you could feel the happy aura of a productive recording period.  This enthusiasm and passion for the music you see and feel, when you watch the Frequenzy session.

A new EP, a great tour with Popronde, doing several supports for bands like Raglans: good things are coming up for CYNBEL and the best has yet to come! This January the band will perform at one of the most epic pop stages from the Netherlands.


Their songs create an unique vibe. It’s the universal feeling of happiness at the end of a summer festival. They create the I-was-there moments when all hands & hearts follow the rhythm of the drumbeat.