Chris Alain plays strong and catchy pop-music with influences of rock and soul-music. Chris has also sung with Alain Clark, Ali B and Niels Geusebroek and has had his own airplay on 3FM, NPO 2, Radio Veronica and made a guest appearance at the well-known Dutch tv show Koffietijd. Recently he released a first single called “Will Be Better”. The ambitious artist is just 20 years old. Realize…

(JaapKroon fotografie)

Chris does not only write his own lyrics but also writes many instrumental parts for his songs. He’s a real hand’s on singer-songwriter. This can be traced back to his reasons for making music. Chris Alain is not ‘trying’ to be a singer. He is a singer because has a strong need and urge to create music, because that’s his way to express himself.

Being the hands-on artist he is, Chris is most inspired by things that happen to him or he experiences in his own life. With creating music being such a strong urge, it is imaginable one wants to create most of it himself, and so he does. For many of the band’s songs, both vocal- as instrument lines have been written by Chris. Nevertheless, he also knows how to select the right musicians around him.

Recording session in action at Frequenzy

Live sessions of the performer, as seen here on Koffietijd, are vivid. Chris is very charismatic and easily captures an audience. The tight Chris Alain band as seen in the session consisted of Luuk van Kesteren (keys), Erik van Schoonhoven (guitar), Cis Kroezen (guitar) , Bas Veens (bass) en Elian van Buuren (drums). The two excellent accompanying vocalists are Maartje Keijzer en Marianne van Calcar.