Indie pop

With John Aleks, Shuttle, Dreams On Tape, Spang Sisters and many more!

Indie pop

With Asparagus, The Indigo, CLUB MAJO, Days Away, Spookyghostboy and many more!

Soulful songwriting from Hunter Sheridan

hunter sheridan

Hunter Sheridan is a Canadian artist whose music delivers soulful songwriting and warm melodies that weave a euphoric atmosphere. We’ve added his beautiful “Life is a Dream” & “Skin And Bones” to our Acoustic/Folk stream playlist.


With Del Claro, Minor Citizen, Whyte Robin, Palo Soprano and many more!


With Cereza, Uoh!, Paper Towns, Oh Papa, Waterfall Strainer and many more!


With Sleepy Panda, Oh Papa, Ritual Talk, Francis Moon, Nice Moose, Veda Rays and many more!

A playlist for coffee & good times

nick mcclurg

Enjoy our YouTube playlist with a nice cup of coffee this morning. We curated 10 fine upcoming lo-fi indie pop artists from Bandcamp, Spotify and Soundcloud to create some good times.

The perfect playlist for your coffee break

hank midnight

These 10 fresh lo-fi indie pop songs from up-coming artists create together the best 30 minute break to enjoy your coffee. With DeFrank, The Hazy Seas, Phantom Handshakes, Stevie Zita & more!

Song about our disconnected world from Penfriend


Exotic Monsters is a laundry list of asynchronous human needs and desires; a reflection of our increasingly confused, disconnected and polarised lives.” Penfriend proudly presents her latest single.