“Soulful, electrifying, energetic – Combined with the characteristics of Justin Timberlake’s beats and the harmonies of Allen Stone, Chris Adam‘s songs manage to feed their audience with a long lasting energetic and memorable live experience.” This is how the band describes themselves. Chris Adam is a 7-pieced band that revolves around Chris Möhlenkamp, the German singer songwriter currently studying at the Artez Conservatory in Enschede, where the rest of the band also studies or studied.

The conservatory of Enschede is a great breeding place for talented artists. There are talented artists from many places hailing from this university and not only from the Netherlands. There are students from Finland, France, Latvia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland to be found in the university. Thanks to its location near the border, there are a lot of German talents to be found here, not unlike in Chris Adam’s band, which is a mixture of Dutch and German musicians.

Chris Adam plays their own blend of pop music with a very soulful taste. The musicians are very on spot and sound inspired and enthusiastic. The band’s music is very straight to the point and ‘hits the right string’. It’s very likely for a Chris Adam song to be stuck in one’s head for a while after listening (“till the su-hu-hun comes up..”) and the songs will make you feel good!

This, thanks to a combination of skilled musicians playing, as well as the way in which they do so. Individually, the musicians are well-performing, but they understand what is important; subtly adding up to each other and not overdoing things. Vocal harmony deserves an extra mention: The three singers add up to each other amazingly and the backing vocals have a gospel-like soulful sound in their voices and way of singing.

Sunday the 23th of October, Chris Adam and his band came to the Frequenzy stage in formation of Chris Möhlenkamp on vocals and guitar, Daan van der Zee on the keys, Kevin Krusemark on guitar, Gertjan Eshuis playing bass, Thomas Mestriner on the drums, Leslie Ann Jost & Merel van Eldik providing backing vocals.

We proudly present you Chris Adam’s live session at the Frequenzy stage, from 30/11 and onwards.