Songs from the future, with the sounds from our roots; AlieNation, the EP from TECHNOIR.

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TECHNOIR is a psychedelic soul/nu jazz duo based in Milan active since 2014. The band likes new technologies and electronic music, but also the sounds of nature and the music that comes from an instrument played soulfully. Their newest EP “AlieNation ” was released last month.

“We blend all these aspects in our style trying to develop compositions that look at the future without forgetting our roots, that reside in Europe and Africa.”

For the song “More than you can see” on “AlieNation”, they worked together with music producer & bass legend Stuart Zender. The musician worked with for example Lauryn Hill. And he is mostly known for his role as co-founder/producer of Jamiroquai.

Listen to “Now You See Me” at Spotify here

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