Worlds come together with Amaru Tribe

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The album title, “Between Two Worlds / Entre Dos Mundos”, could not fit any better for Amaru Tribe, a trio of Latin Americans who have long called Australia home. Hailing originally from Colombia and Chile, the group’s ethos is shaped by Latin America, heard in the echoes of cumbia and the gaita flutes and tambora hand drums that enliven the music, and in the passion for their homelands.

But Australia, and the Asia-Pacific region as a whole, has had a huge impact: there’s phin guitar and collaborations with Thai musicians; yidaki (known as didgeridoo) instrument from Australia; and there’s the more contemporary sounds redolent of Australia’s nu-disco and dance music scenes. Throughout the album, their sound oscillates between these two worlds, never completely part of one or the other, constantly evolving and creating something new.

Order “Between Two Worlds / Entre Dos Mundos” here

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