Poetic punk with the crude power of Dutch

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Dutch is a difficult language to appreciate. It’s the ugly Christmas sweater from your odd aunt Berty among the languages. Words sound like they intentionally want to hurt your ears and crash with the melodic and poetic. But, like you learn to appreciate the auntie Berty sweater in time, you can discover the authentic fairness of Dutch hidden behind its ugly appearance.

Dutch duo Cashmyra knows how to use that unsophisticated and crude power of their vernacular. The post-punk band combines their alienated lyrics with minimalistic guitar lines and pouncing drums and doesn’t shy away from fuzzy pop. And it’s the variation between raw noise and spoken word that really holds the attention. Not a single emotion is spared, with love, longing, and pain, but also always a rippling anger about everything, which in and of itself carries some modicum of comfort.

Listen Cashmyra here.

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