Gangs Of Kin at ESNS

Gangs Of Kin

A troubadour with a memorable raspy voice and an oracle/barker with witty phrases: Gangs Of Kin is Amsterdam songwriter Joël Gaerthé, an eclectic, contemporary artist.

Creating parallel worlds: Chagall


Singer/producer/computer nerd Chagall ’ brings together 80s synth pop, alt-R&B and swelling basses in a digital yet poetic dream world.

ViceFest goes Europe

Alternative rock band The Vices is one of those bands, that no matter what, knows how to find a stage and create a party.

Dreamy & reflective: Mazey Haze

mazey haze

Reflective, insightful, often wistful and always blatantly honest – the songs of Mazey Haze come from deep within. Her dreamy debut EP “Always Dancing” is out now.

Poetic punk with the crude power of Dutch


Cashmyra knows how to use the unsophisticated crude power of their vernacular. The post-punk band combines it in their alienated lyrics with minimalistic guitar lines and pouncing drums.

Tips for Eurosonic/Noorderslag 2018; the first day

Tomorrow starts one of the best festivals of Europe to discover new music: Eurosonic/Noorderslag in Groningen. Here are some must-sees for Wednesday: Luwten: A tranquil space to properly arrange perceptions of difference and similarity. Want to watch her live at ESNS? more information here   Dawn Brothers: Soulfully pumped out songs in a pure Americana […]