French-German Whothefislou at Grunnsonic

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‘Hey, I want to be the artist you listen to at 2 am on your balcony, I want to be the artist you look forward to listening to on your way to university/work. I want to fill the gaps in your daily routine, your lonely hours and your joyful memories with your friends. I want to do for you, what music has done for me.’

Whothefislou is an independent French-German artist who was born and raised in Cologne. She is currently based in Groningen, The Netherlands. Thats’s why she will be performing at Grunnsonic, a festival with local northern artists within showcasefestival Eurosonic. From singing in choirs and bands to small performances, music has always been a part of her life and has guided her every step of the way. Growing up with Funk, Jazz, and Soul and later discovering her passion for Hip Hop and RnB, Whothefislou is not set on a style yet but relies on the feeling she has when she listens to a beat. If a sound inspires her, she can write something to it. For her, It is not about following what currently works in the industry and what is going up in the charts but about creating a sound that comes from within, driven by passion and her love for music.

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