Jay-Way: redefining hip-hop at SXSW


Hip-hop artist Jay-Way will represent The Netherlands at showcase festival SXSW this week. With his music, Jay-Way brings a broad, boundary-breaking perspective to the genre.

Opposites that make a whole: Homeboy Sandman

Homeboy Sandman

“I wrote half of these songs when my energy was either headed in the wrong direction or already there. I wrote the other half while my energy was moving in a direction I’m more excited about, that I find to be more enriching.”

Balancing the rough with the smooth: Children of Zeus

Children of Zeus

Balance, the new album from Children of Zeus, is about equilibrium. Walking the thin line of life and striving to keep your footing firm at all times, ever pushing forward. Balancing the rough with the smooth and the work with the play.

About their latest album; Watch the mini docu from Greyheads

Many musicians have discovered instagram as a platform to present their work in small docu’s. With some well chosen impressions they take you into their process of creating, the atmosphere of their music. Watch the small docu that Jazz Hip Hop band GreyHeads posted to tell you about their first album “HOMES”.

Music as a space for healing: GentleBeatz

“Making music which brings us closer to ourselves.” Gabriel Bero, the artist behind GentleBeatz, uses his music as as a space of therapy to deal with his anxieties, personal struggles and to express what he cannot say with words. The 22-years old musician was born in Moatize, Mozambique and lives and works right now in […]

Popronde Preview: (F)emcee Starrlight is here to really make the difference

Is the future female? If it’s about Dutch hiphop scene that can be a positive thing. Enter the galaxy of Starrlight. Experience the sound of an (f)emcee that can create HipHop in her purest form with fresh lyrics, poetic and yet straight to the point. Starrlight has earned her stripes in this industry.