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The beautiful “Waiting Room” from Kaia Laurielle

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Kaia Laurielle creates a beautiful blend of neo-soul, future soul, hip – hop and electronic music at her second EP “Waiting Room.” This week the East-Londen based singer songwriter released 4 tracks with ambient, soul-influenced electronics. Nina Simone, Sohn and D’Angelo are the great inspirations behind Laurielle’s songwriting. The sound of these legends resonates in her sumptuous vocals and blend with Kaia Laurielle’s own genuine style.

kaia laurielle

For “Waiting Room” Kaia Laurielle surrounded herself with talented people, that know how to present her music in a powerful combination of sound and beautiful visuals. Aron Kyne and Karim Kamar produced the EP. Jullienknxx, poet and creative director, did the creative direction. He recently released the poetic short film “In Praise Of Still Boys” about his childhood in Sierra Leone. You can listen & order “Waiting Room” here.

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