Heavy. Dark. Electric: Into the deep with Iress

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Iress makes the kind of music that submerges you into another world; heavy. dark. electric. Last week the 4 piece band released “Nest’, the third single of their upcoming album “Flaw.”

Based in LA, floating between the bright sun and the deep darkness of the Ocean, Iress creates an original sound. Therefore the band is highly recommended by the music media in the heavy genre. Singer Michelle Maley, guitarist Alex Moreno, bassist Michael Maldonado and drummer Glenn Chu have been making their beautiful racket for several years now. Their first album, “Prey” was released in 2015 when they were known as IRIS. Since then they have opened for top-tier acts such as Brutus, Slothrust and Sunflower Bean.


The music of Iress takes you like a wave to the darker beauty of the Ocean. The emotive and ethereal vocals of singer Michelle Maley leads into a deeper darkness. You don’t feel lost there. Because this is just the comforting doom-gaze atmosphere you were looking for. Iress creates a sound that balances at the edges of doom metal and fuses it with shoegaze from the ‘80-era. Like their music, the lyrics of the song “Nest” have a deeper message: “Nest is for the outsider and the misunderstood; it’s about finding someone or something that looks into you and understands, without a word, the comfort you find in emptiness together.”

“Flaw” will be an album that examines themes ranging from heartache to addiction to loss of faith, aiming to address the complexities of the human condition. The album was recorded and produced by Sarah Tudzin. You probably know her from The Illuminati Hotties. Collin Pastore mixed and Jett Galindo mastered the album at several studios including the Sunset House at Sunset Sound, Sonora Recorders, and the Snack Shack in Highland Park.“Flaw” contains 8 tracks and will be released september 18. Pre-order here.

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