Heavy. Dark. Electric: Into the deep with Iress


Based in LA, floating between the bright sun and the deep darkness of the Atlantic Ocean, Iress creates an original heavy sound. Last week the 4 piece band released “Nest’, the third single of their upcoming album “Flaw”.

From Nottingham misfits Headcut: “The Flow”

Some musicians create from an urge to bring their message into the world and some musicians create just because they f*cking love to create and play. Debut EP “The Flow” from Notts post punk band Headcut catches that sound!

With great warmth: Fervors

Four years ago, Chris (guitarist) and Evy (vocalist) met in a taxi in Buenos Aires. It was the start of a musical trip, because they started composing music together. In 2016 Fervors was formed by adding Pablo Pérez on synth / rhythm guitar, Mariano Manzi on bass and Santi Monterrosa on drums. And soon the […]

Unique, yet oddly familiar: Mr. Breakfast

Their melodies carry the audience to specific times and places as elements of synth pop, psych, shoegaze & more. They help to make a cinematic picture in the mind of the listener. Mr. Breakfast aims to create sounds that are unique, yet oddly familiar. Their first album “Glass Dome” was released in November 2018. The […]

Lo-fi pop with high expectations: Lord Bendtner

Lord Bendtner is the name of a famous football player (football as in soccer) and also the name of an almost even famous band from NY. This band loves soccer and making music with an inventive 90s emo/shoegaze hybrid that turns on unorthodox melodies and the unique playing approaches of its members. Their last EP […]