Penny Diving. Fusing elements of dream pop and shoegaze into genuine debut “Big Inhale”

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Penny Diving are Montreal based musicians Chantal, her twin Kathleen and her husband Thomas (Malajube). Together they make ‘basement dream pop’.

Debut album “Big Inhale” was released last month.

Image by Etienne Paquette

About music & writing style:

“Our music is very guitar-oriented with shoegaze and dream pop elements to it, although I hate stating categories ’cause it can be somewhat misleading.  I usually write when i’m alone at night in our basement, recording riffs and ideas on my phone’s voice memos. We then sort it all out together and record the tracks from home. It’s all very hermit-like and not super glam.” (full article here)

More music at our stream playlist and here

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