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Born and raised in the heart of the Biblebelt, Nunspeet, Henk Johannes found his true faith when he recieved a guitar at his eleventh birthday: music. This year he is one of the selected artists for Popronde 2024.

Henk Johannes played in various bands before starting his solo project with debut single ‘Finding Myself Alone’, which was released in May 2024. He founded Money & the Man with one of his best friends. We had the honor to welcome the band at our Frequenzy stage in 2017. Since then they perform at major festivals such as De Zwarte Cross and Dauwpop, and they released their latest album ‘Hot in the city’ this year.

As a solo artist Henk Johannes draws inspiration from various music genres, from soul to hip-hop and from pop to heavy rock. He wants to tell new stories, broaden his musical horizon, and challenge himself with new styles. About his music: ‘I want to express myself in lyrics and melody, and make as much music as possible. That music has to take on a life of its own in your head. About self-pity, the most beautiful day of your life or that some one you miss, it’s your choice.’

More info about Henk Johannes at Popronde here

Photo header: Tim de Wijk

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