Popronde 2024 line-up announced!

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…..And some interesting names are already popping up! For example ENJAKU YOYO a Japanese duo that lives in The Netherlands. ENJAKU YOYO can be translated into “cheerful, confident little birds”. It’s a vibe, and this is exactly the vibe that Jun (keys and vocals) and Koko (lead guitar) are raring to bring to your stage. Expect a dynamic mix of math-rock and dark techno; a heavy and straight kick accompanied by mysterious vocals, intense riffs and a powerful energy that nearly forces the crowd to bounce up and down. ENJAKO YOYO will be one of the acts to look forward at Popronde 2024.

Popronde is an initiative of Stichting Popwaarts and is a nationally traveling festival that takes place every autumn from September to November in about 40 cities across the country. From Leeuwarden to Middelburg, from Venlo to Alkmaar, and from Deventer to The Hague. Throughout these 12 weeks, Poprondes take place every weekend from Thursday to Sunday. In each city, the programmed acts perform at around 20 stages and venues that evening/day. Examples of participating venues include cafes, galleries, theaters, record stores, churches, music venues, and clubs in the city center. One night a year, they become the showcase for the new generation of pop musicians, turning the city center into a festival ground. More info & tourdates here.

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