A marvelous & timeless Historian at Popronde 2023

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Historian writes love letters to the past. The band prides itself in a flavourful mix of old and new, where the timelessness of Led Zeppelin meets Jack White. Historian is driven by a fuzzed-out guitar accompanying a road-worn Hammond organ, in tandem with a virtuoso rhythm section. In October 2021 the band released the largely DIY EP ‘Things of Pure Design’, and created some local buzz. Now, with a debut album about to take off, Historian is ready with a broad-based sound far surpassing those of the EP. The debut album is a well-rounded and profound record with a mature, vintage rock sound.

Historian is one of the acts we look forward to see at showcase festival Popronde 2023! More info here

Photo header: Niek de Vries

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