Bella Italia focus country ESNS25!

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Italy will be focus country of European showcase festival ESNS in January 2025. Every year, ESNS highlights the best-emerging acts from a European country, showcasing the diversity of musical talent across Europe. This year Poland was focus country of the festival. Emerging artists like Berry Galazka and Zamilska were able to present themselves to an international audience. And in 2025 Italy will be highlighted.

For all European music fans this will be something to look forward to according to Nur Al Habash from Italia Music Export: “After many years of work to strengthen Italian music abroad we’re ready to take the lead at ESNS with a wave of incredible musicians and valuable music professionals. The last few years have seen an impressive economic and cultural growth for the Italian music industry, and we feel 2025 is the right moment to cast a light on our scene to further connect it to the world. There is still so much potential to grow and we can’t wait to take center stage at Eurosonic.”

Indie rock band Leatherette from Bologna gave already a nice preview with their performance at ESNS this year. The bands sound is a mockery of rock music and its aesthetics, a potpourri of punk outbursts, jazzy atmospheres and hints of no wave, generating a rich and composite sound, sometimes warm and cozy, sometimes harsh, scratchy and unpredictable. If you missed them in Groningen, you can watch them at the Great Escape Festival next month.

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