The dazzling and explosive 드링킹소년소녀합창단 – Drinking Boys & Girls Choir

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March 13 starts worlds’ biggest showcase festival again: South by South West in Texas, USA. It’s the festival that celebrates the convergence of the interactive, film and music industries. We love to introduce to you some of the interesting acts that caught our attention. This time: Drinking Boys and Girls Choir

They bonded over a shared love of drinking, skating and punk. Drinking Boys and Girls Choir were inspired by Daegu’s 90s-00s hardcore punk/indie-rock scene before it moved to Seoul, a topic band are very passionate about. The band won’t move to the capital, preferring to nurture a sustainable local scene.

image by Dogyun Kim (Moolrin)

Drinking Boys and Girls Choir was formed in 2013 when two drummers MJ and Meena shared a rehearsal space and decided to form a band. Meena switched to bass and with guitarist Bondu (who had just finished his military service) added to the band, they were complete. Bondu retired from the band following their 2019 UK tour, with Myorori Kang taking up the mantle of guitarist for the band.

About SXSW

“When I was young, I watched a documentary movie about indie music scene in Korea named “Wild days,” in the movie a band “Galaxy Express” went to SXSW. After I watched , I dreamed about SXSW and maybe some kids like with me.  Maybe if we can grow up more, I hope to be a model to other musicians. “

Life as a musician

What is the hardest thing to explain about your life as a musician to other non-musician human beings?

“Generally I am very happy both when I do music and work. But when I feel I am in the whole hetero-romantic, and patriarchal culture makes me sick(I have bad motion sickness)”

Meena : “um.. I don’t know. I don’t try to explain to someone.” 


MJ: “The nature’s sound make me inspired. “

myorori : “Dizzy Sunfist and Four Get Me A Nots. Both bands are Japanese bands. These bands are made me interested in music like the style I play in DBGC.”

Meena: “All my musicians friends in Korea. Especially our labal mate Billy carter, Say sue me, Otobokebeaver(JP), and lately fall in love a electric musician Kirara.” 

Hopes & plans

What are your expectations or hopes for next year musically, careerwise, personal or for us earthlings? 

MJ: “New album and safe life.”

myorori : “I want to play some show with the two bands I mentioned earlier. And If I get a chance, I want to get a guitar endorsement.”

Meena : “I wanna quit my job.”

The next step

What do you need right now to get your music or your music career to the next level?

Myorori : “I wish we had a chance to play in more places. Anywhere in the world.”

Meena: “We are only 3 pieces punk band! Just book us!”

MJ : “our new single will release very soon!! Please keep attention to us!! “

More info about Drinking Boys and Girls at SXSW here


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