About a place where sleazy love is for sale


“‘Night Gym’ is a place. A place in Prague. I don’t like that place.” The newest single from Meltheads is out now & there is more interesting news about the band: they will play at ESNS in January 2024.

Talent recordings with Socks;SportsSocks


Socks;SportSocks brings the stories of the twentysomething guy in their unique, slightly ironic, indie-ambient-punk style to our Talent Recordings live session.

Sincere Punk?

rats and daggers

Sincere punk: a term that first seems to be appropriate to describe Rats & Daggers. But then again: is there a thing as insincere punk?

Ready for the big breakthrough: The Linda Lindas

the lindas lindas

Meet The Linda Lindas, according to us and a lot of other people, with the music that will define 2021. They channel the spirit of original punk, power pop, and new wave through today’s ears, eyes, and minds.