Talent recordings with Socks;SportsSocks

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The sad afterparty of a bad romance, a typical case of the hipster blues, saying goodbye to your phone because it’s better to give it to that strange-looking man in the metro. Socks;SportSocks brings the stories of the twentysomething guy in their unique indie-ambient-punk style with an ironic twist. We love it. That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome the band at studio Mojo Dojo for a Talent Recordings live session on March 10th, 20:00 CET.

Why a Talent Recordings with Socks;SportSocks?

We love their sound, we love their stories, but most of all; Socks;SportSocks has that characteristic DIY mentality that is typical for the music scene of Rotterdam. Don’t wait for opportunity to knock on your door, but knock on every door till opportunity shows up complaining about the noise. That’s Rotterdam and that’s what we like about Socks;SportSocks. Their first EP “People singing about people” was completely recorded and produced in the various bedrooms of the band members. They are currently releasing songs from their new upcoming EP with the promising title “More songs about phones and happiness”.

The Talent Recordings Livestream with Socks;SportSocks Friday March 10th, 20:00 CET watch here

We would like to thank Rabobank Rotterdam for the generous donation that made the recordings possible with Socks;SportSocks and 4 other acts. Rabobank wants to support creative talent in The Netherlands and we are grateful they choose The Talent Recordings to do so.

Photo header: Jutta Deams

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