AI/human duo YawäZē

2023: The rise of the artificial artist? Discover Yawä//Zē

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Their sound is still very experimental. But they are entering the music industry right now: the artificial artists, DNA-less musicians who can create music with or without their human counterparts. Discover human/ AI duo Yawä//Zē with their project Å//Ä//Ā.

Yawä//Zē at Soundcloud

Who or what is Yawä//Zē? Like the sound they created, the origins of the duo are mysterious. Yawä//Zē consists of Yawa_Ze, an experimental artist and electronicmusic composer based in Ibiza and and artificially alter ego. The duo recently created a collection of digital assets that you probably best can describe as experimental sound objects.

Every track/video/onject is connected as an artchain, every song has an art object, visual and digital ownership are associated to it. Each piece has a location and time code, as wel as a code QR that drives you to an ecological NFT collection.

 Å//Ä//Ā is a container/archive & hybrid A/V inmersive documentary about the past/present/future exploration & works by duo ʏᴀᴡÄ//ᴢĒ and all the collaborators on their journey.

The project is divided into three different categories depending on how every element has been processed/made.

Å// Primitive works & Intuitive learning, rituals, expeditions, automatic abstract paintings and jams made by Yawä.  

Ä// Every artwork has nature as a creative force, patterns and natural frequencies, Colundi research. Tapes are processed by time in different locations. 

Ā// This part is an abstract approach to algorithmic systems & data visualization, all works made by AI lofi software named //Zē processing all the data sets and memories by Yawä. The project is exhibited at Sound Obsessed, a digital exhibition space where you can find curated artworks by sonic innovators working at the intersection of art, sound, science, and technology. Buy the Å//Ä//Ā collection pieces at OpenSea.

Bid now on OpenSea

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