Awesome multi-talented Emma-Jean Thackray

Rising mega-talent Emma-Jean Thackray wears many musical hats and they suit her well The Composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer, bandleader and Dj just released an amazing video called “Say Something.”

Song about our disconnected world from Penfriend


Exotic Monsters is a laundry list of asynchronous human needs and desires; a reflection of our increasingly confused, disconnected and polarised lives.” Penfriend proudly presents her latest single.

Psymon Spine is psych pop with teeth

psymon spine

Fusing psychedelic pop and the deep grooves of dance music, Brooklyn electronic pop outfit Psymon Spine’s music is oozing with approachable melodic hugeness on first contact.

Music as an act of love from Waajeed


Detroit’s Waajeed’s work through the years has been known as both inventive and genre-defying. His newest production, the Act of Love Mixtapes, will be released in 2 parts this Fall.