Creating parallel worlds: Chagall

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“Music is basically an imaginary, parallel world and my role as a digital artist is to make you experience that world as if it were real.” Singer/producer/computer nerd Chagall pushes the boundaries with tech-heavy live shows that add a captivating physicality and human intimacy to electronic music. Her upcoming album ‘Unlocked’ brings together 80s synth pop, alt-R&B and swelling basses in a digital yet poetic dream world. She will showcase the new tracks in her recently developed immersive light-art installation dubbed B.A.B.Y. (Bionic Assistant for Becoming Yourself) that she controls with live body and hand movements through motion capture technology. Chagall with her B.A.B.Y. have been selected for showcase festival Eurosonic Noorderslag

You can pre-order her upcoming album and support the project here

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