Renaissance artists of the multiverse

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Music, art, and design: The Renaissance artists of the decentralized era do not limit themselves to one artistic form or one medium to create. They mix online with offline into an artistic and playful experiment. For example d0n.xyz / Don Hanson is an audiovisual performer and multimedia artist based in Brooklyn, NYC. As head of the California-based electronic music label Gridwalk, he released several solo albums and has performed at underground venues around the world. He also founded the virtual art space New Art City.

Don Hanson did recently a live performance at Dadalab (SXSW 2024) with Dan Gorelick. More info about Don Hanson / d0n.xyz and his work here

Live performance at Dadalab in Austin TX. Dan Gorelick livecoding music and Don Hanson running live visuals
Installation Don hanson
Donware Device 01 – Installation

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