Music to celebrate the sparkles in life: Good Days

Ever wonder which song will be in your head when it's time to leave the planet and floating your way up to the big guy? "Violet" from Good Days could be a perfect song to hear at the end to summarise a happy residence at planet Earth. Los Angeles based duo Eric Ronick and Michael Cannova making feel-good music for the good days and the bad. Following up their December 2017 debut EP Hello that was "oozing with positivity" and "a splendid sense of what joyful songs should sound like," Good Days duo Eric Ronick and Michael Cannova are back [...]

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Providing good vibes & times: Boats & Bridges

Boats & Bridges is a Twin Cities based heartland rock band providing good vibes and times to all music enthusiasts and show goers. Their new EP, “Fine In The Moment”, is full of their capable musicianship, timeless sound, and now is available to stream on all services. The band has toured all around Minnesota and Wisconsin, headlining shows in St. Paul, Minneapolis, Eau Claire, Duluth, Mankato and Rochester.

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Boy Scouts. Music that hits like good advice from a beloved friend

As Boy Scouts, Oakland-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Taylor Vick makes the kind of music that hits like good advice from a beloved friend. It's generously warm and inviting, built atop her open, searching voice, but it doesn't shy away from tough emotional truths. Like Lomelda's secular hymns and Hop Along's energetic kiss-offs, Vick's songs survey the damage that can come from loving other people with curiosity and grace. Her new album, Free Company (ANTI-), is her most vital and incisive work yet, a stunningly tuneful rumination on heartbreak and loss that is always galloping toward the horizon. More music at [...]

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Wauwatosa’s sophisticated take on pop music

This Norwegian collaborative music project, centred around core producers and songwriters Sigurd Ytre-Arne and Martin Langerød. Wauwatosa working with a lengthy cast of friends and collaborators including Natalie Sandtorv, Emilie Storaas, Jessica Sligter, and Henning Bergsvåg. Melancholic and richly melodic songs layer dusty samples and howling synths around a unique and strong vocal. About their latest album "Souvenirs" "When you travel, a souvenir is something you bring back to remember the trip. Each of these songs represents a journey we've taken with our collaborators, each one a result of a collaborative composition process. All the lyricists and vocalists we work [...]

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80’s horror iconography, bubblegum pop, and shitty exes

They set out to make music that would feel both homemade and anthemic, mirroring the intimate-yet-public nature of life in the age of the internet. In that way, vverevvolf is an inevitability; as artistic media become more public, more produced, and more perfectable, vverevvolf rebels by embracing the imperfection of being alive.

December 8th, 2018|Blog|0 Comments
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