Oh Papa

Nicely going & distinctive Oh Papa at our radio stream

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Soft rock quartet Oh Papa released last month the nice listening “Change That Tune.” The sound from the band from Sheffield is often compared to a Wes Anderson Movie. And with good reasons; the music of Oh Papa creates her own distinctive atmosphere like the styling of Royal Tenenbaum’s house of the elevator in the Budapest Hotel.

Oh Papa

The music media about Oh Papa: “The subtle concoction of soft rock, surf rock and Americana leaves a smooth-to-the-touch, undeniably pleasing, listening experience, reminiscent of romanticised summer evenings past. There are no frills, no egos, nothing is forced and the music does the talking, but behind the sultry slide guitar and delicate drums is a hybrid of four corresponding personalities that, at the rate they are going, I’m sure will soon be a household name.”

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