Sylvie Kreusch

The new single from Sylvie Kreusch!

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We’ve all reached that point these past months where we bust out the maddest of free-spirited choreographies to that one jam we’re really digging at that moment, impossible to show our moves at a regular club or party. Songbird extraordinaire Sylvie Kreusch managed to capture that exact feeling in her brand new single “Just A Touch Away” (the follow up to last year’s critically acclaimed EP “BADA BING! BADA BOOM!”) – both musically and visually since it is paired with a DIY video shot by her close friend and photographer Joost Vandebrug.

Music media about “Just A Touch Away”: “It naturally follows suit, with its unfaltering rhythms setting a hypnotic framework for the beguiling vocals, haunting strings and enveloping textures to build around.” (full article here)

Listen to Sylvie Kreusch here.

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