psymon spine

Psymon Spine is psych pop with teeth

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According to the enthusiastic music media is Psymon Spine “psych pop with teeth”(from “Creative Loafing”) We love the sound of that and we recently added the music of the band to our radio stream. Fusing psychedelic pop and the deep grooves of dance music, Brooklyn electronic pop outfit Psymon Spine’s music is oozing with approachable melodic hugeness on first contact. But the places they take their songs is truly out there, exploring complicated feelings and catharsis through a singular approach to left-of-center electronic and dance sounds.  Last week the band released a corona proof video.

psymon spine

About the video at social media: “We recorded a little live vid for Experimental Sound Studio x Northern Spy , NNA Tapes Quarantine Concerts in Noah’s studio the other day. Though borders currently separate us, Sabine has been working on her astral projection and was able to join in all the way from Berlin. Enjoyzzles!!”

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